FI Based Datacenter

When choosing a data center, its location will probably be among the important aspects - you can pick an allegedly fantastic location, which could end up being a flood sector or an earthquake hotspot. Or the specific region may have a volatile political environment. This is why we've picked Finland as a location for our next data center. This is a country with a steady political climate; it's far away from seismic hotspots and flooding isn't a factor there.

Our Finnish data center is located in an ex armed forces facility. It is located within an below ground cave that is capable to withstand aerial attack or EMP blasts. This will essentially ensure that your website will keep functioning whatever occurs with the world outside.

Apart from its strategic location and security features, the Finnish data center has amazing connectivity with the world and especially with Russia and Northern/Central Europe. It's a great option when you need to extend your web presence in the aforementioned areas and also to provide your visitors with outstanding connection rates.

Cloud Web Hosting in Finland

When you're searching for a truly trouble-free cloud web hosting service, then you have come to the right place. With a cloud web hosting account inside our Finnish data center, not only will your site be protected from any natural disaster or even an aerial assault, but you'll in addition experience a 99.9% service uptime plus a 99.9% network uptime. A 24/7 technical support service backed up by a 1-hour reply time warranty is provided by default.

An additional advantage of hosting your web site with Bharatbugss Hosting is the fact that all of your web sites and applications will also get a significant speed increase. All of our servers come with quick SSD drives offering fantastic write/read speeds and rely on a file system (ZFS), that's optimized in such a way as to benefit from all of the advantages provided by the SSD drives. And then in our user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel we have included as well a set of website accelerators to further improve the loading speed of your websites.

Semi-dedicated Servers In Finland

The semi-dedicated servers in our Finnish data center represent a unique combination between standard website hosting accounts & dedicated servers. They include our custom-built Web Hosting Control Panel, which is made to make site management quick, and which will help you manage all your websites, domains and billing transactions easily. All the semi-dedicated servers use SSD drives, that allow for faster web site loading speeds.

When you use a semi-dedicated server inside our Finnish data center, you'll benefit from wonderful connectivity with all the countries in Northern Europe as well as the huge Russian market. This new exposure will allow you to enhance your e-store's recognition and draw in new customers.

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